Please call for appointment at the local office.

The objective of the LIHEAP is to provide one-time assistance with the rising cost of energy used to heat the homes of low income, elderly and handicapped households in the three-county area. To be eligible, a household must be responsible for their fuel bill, and be within the poverty guideline.

Delta HRA will provide assistance on a fast track to clients who have not been able to pay their bill due to a combination of uncontrollable circumstances, one of which must be a cut-off notice or having disconnected utilities. There are other criteria that will constitute uncontrollable circumstances.

This program is designed to assist low income, elderly or handicapped clients in the tri-county area served by Delta to reduce their energy costs mainly through the stoppage of air infiltration.

LIHEAP/ WX programs are funded in part by Tennessee Housing Development Agency.

Delta HRA utilized Community Service Block Grant funds to operate selected programs and pay costs attributed to the Administration of Emergency Food and Shelter program and USDA commodities.

Emergency - This program provides supportive assistance to meet the basic needs of low-income families on a short-term basis during an emergency. This service provides emergency food, clothing, utilities and rent/mortgage assistance to eligible household. This program has a special eligibility process that the household has to meet.

Linkage programs, information and referral; local needs assessment and community outreach.

  • Information and referrals – informing individuals of community services
  • Community activities
  • Recruitment of volunteers

Employment – This service provides/ supplements transportation services to employment and GED site for eligible individuals.

Assist with GED/HiSET testing fee and training for Title V and workforce participants.

Nutrition – this program assists in the distribution of the commodities. This program also provides emergency food boxes. Referrals for this program are provided by local DHS office and other social agencies.

CSBG programs are funded in part by Tennessee Department of Human Services

Program participants must be income eligible and meet other eligibility requirements.

Delta HRA provides a variety of nutritious foods that enable low-income, elderly and handicapped households to stretch their grocery dollars. Commodities are distributed on a quarterly basis with a three-month allocation being offered at each distribution.

Please call for an appointment for the above service and eligibility requirements.

Fayette County – 901.465.3201
Lauderdale County – 731.635.1931
Tipton County – 901.476.5226

Funded by Tennessee Department of Agriculture

CSBG/LIHEAP/USDA and Weatherization program participants must be income eligible and meet other eligibility requirements.

Delta HRA Transportation program serves the counties of Tipton, Lauderdale, Fayette and Rural Shelby County. This program is made possible through federal, state, and local funds, contract revenue and general public fares.                    

We will see that you reach your destination – the doctor’s office, the grocery store, job – anywhere you need to go. Regardless of your age, income, or special need, we can accommodate you! We are happy to serve you. Passenger safety is one of our primary concerns. Our drivers have been trained to see that you arrive at your destination safely. Reservations must be made at least three days in advance of scheduled trip.

Fayette County – 1.888.477.5226
Lauderdale County – 1.888.477.5226
Tipton County – 1.888.477.5226
Central Office – 901.475.1460

Funded in part by Tennessee Department of Transportation