Browser Blocking for Android

Browser Blocking for Android – As you know many sites are now blocked from being accessible to Indonesian ip users. But the block is sometimes only based on the provider, browser, and of course, Indonesian ip. But indeed this should not be a concern because these sites can be opened if you use the third role of the software that is VPN.

And usually VPNs are used to open sites that are blocked by the Indonesian government. like online gambling games provided by Sbobet Agent is one of the things that is blocked by the government so that people use VPN to play

Browser Blocking for Android

The use of VPN is becoming more epidemic because without this software, the sites that you want to see cannot open quickly. However, finding a secure VPN is quite difficult, and most secure VPN is only paid VPN. But there is another way for you, namely by downloading one of the browsers below. The browser below is an anti-blocking browser and you can use it on Android.


This browser is an anti-blocking browser that you can get for free on your Android phone. Positive internet in Indonesia does not apply to the UPX browser because this browser feature can hide
the ip that you are using.


Proxynel browser is the fastest anti-blocking browser you can use on Android. With the proxynel browser application you can open blocked sites for free.

Arvin Browser

The Arvin browser still sounds familiar, but for those of you who want to access blocked sites, you can use this one browser. VPN is embedded in the Arvin browser so you don’t need to use VPN


The name of this browser may sound strange, but this one browser is one of the best anti-blocking browsers you can use. With this browser, you can block annoying ads, save downloaded files, and
other best sites.

Turbo VPN

Just like other browsers that have been embedded directly VPN so that it can hide the user’s IP. That way users can open many sites that have been blocked and don’t need to use the third role of


Perhaps this one browser is the most famous browser and has many users. The browser, which is famous for being efficient in memory storage and fast, is also one of the anti-blocking browsers
you can use.