Good Puffin Browser Application To Open Online Gambling

Good Puffin Browser Application To Open Online Gambling – Puffin browsing application is the first application for Android operating system users with the APK format.
Previously for laptop or PC users who wanted to use the Puffin browsing application, they had to use an android emolator media such as the NOX App, Bluestrack or other emolators.
However, due to the many requests from Puffin users who find it difficult to use using a PC, the developer of the Puffin Browser application creates applications that can be run on a PC or laptop without having to use the help of an emolator.

This certainly makes Windows users will be very lucky, because the Puffin performance has good value in the eyes of users, all of which have been tested from the performance on Android which certainly also has the same advantages to run on desktop PCs and laptops.  The advantage of this puffin browser is that it is free and does not need to have to pay a premium and this puffin also already has a VPN facility where we no longer need to have to download additional VPN applications.

Good Puffin Browser Application To Open Online Gambling

Now for those of you who have problems with positive internet in your browser, which is when we want to open an adult site or open a gambling site in the country +62, by using this puffin browser application, the site you want will open normally. Because that is why Puffin browser advantages that make many users feel at home to use this application on a smartphone or on a PC.

Join the official online gambling agent

But if you want to join our trusted online gambling agent, you don’t need to use the puffin browser application with a smartphone or PC subordinate browser, so our site can be opened, because our site is an official site, not fake. So that our agents work with professionals in the country +62 so that our site is not exposed to the internet positively.
But if you feel like using a puffin browser then it’s better because it’s faster than a standard browser on your cellphone or PC.

Some Advantages And Disadvantages of Safari Browser

Some Advantages And Disadvantages of Safari Browser – The safari browser is one of the web browsers created by developers.
One of the most popular and very large IT companies, and also a rival of several other IT companies.
Initially, Safari is an identical browser that was created specifically for the operating system developed by Apple Inc.
Namely Mac Os and also iOS. But over time, the Safari Browser became very popular and eventually spread its wings to other operating systems.

This Apple-made browser is the 3rd best browser in terms of speed where safari is one of the browsers that are often used by users,
The browser is one of the software tools for accessing the internet, as a window for using the internet to get information globally.

Some Advantages And Disadvantages of Safari Browser

Because this is related to the development of computer networks that are increasingly spreading to remote parts of the country,
Automatic use of the internet is becoming a necessity and a manifestation of a better life for all people.
Below are some of the advantages of the Safari browser:

It has a Nitro Engine feature to process web-based applications faster

The first advantage possessed by Safari Browser, especially the newest version is NitroEengine.
As the name implies, the Nitro Engine feature in the Safari browser can help increase data processing speeds on web-based application systems.
One example of a web-based application is an application on a site created using the Java programming language from various existing programming languages.

It has a pretty attractive UI design

One of the characteristics of the product released by Apple Inc. is design.
Apple relies on quality and research on product design to be successful in the market.
Well, this Safari browser also has an attractive UI design.
User Interface that is owned by safari is quite simple and also easy to run, and has an attractive design.

For Mac OS Operating System users, there is no need to do the installation

For those of you who use a computer with a Mac OS operating system, and also a computer that is a product of Apple Inc.
Then you don’t need to bother downloading and also installing this Safari browser on your computer.
Safari has become the default browser of the Mac OS operating system, which will make it easier for you to do browsing and also surfing, with a very pleasant experience.

Lack of Safari browser

Below there are some disadvantages of the Safari browser.

Does not have a restore session feature

Although it has a myriad of features that are very numerous and makes the user very comfortable too lulled by its advantages,
But apparently this Safari Browser does not have a restore session feature.

There’s a bug called ‘Carpet Bombing’

IT companies and also large technology, does not mean that all the products they own are free of bugs and also technical errors.
One of the most talked about things, about bugs in Safari Browser is the bugs that can cause Carpet Bombing.

Browser Appearance for Users feels odd

Lack of this one is just a matter of habit from the user.
For those of you who are accustomed to using Windows products as well as Windows default browsers, or specifically developed for Windows,
The user will feel confused when first using this Safari Browser.
How do you leave another browser and switch to any browser but to the old browser?


Quench a little about UC Browser and it’s safe or not

Quench a little about UC Browser and it’s safe or not –

for smartphone users it’s not cool if it doesn’t have a browser application other than the standard browser,

because usually the standard browser from the cell phone is set to not be able to open a particular website.

Therefore many cell phone users choose to download other browser applications,

and one of the browser applications that is often downloaded is UC Browser.

Uc Browser is a mobile browser made by UCWeb,

the browser of Alibaba Mobil Group now has 40 million active users.

UC Browser collects and stores data, in the form of user habits when surfing the internet and consuming content.

Most UC browsers store data in every user in their country, such as America, Australia, Singapore and others,

however UC Browser does not have an Indonesian data center.

A person named Shallia also ensures that user data in Indonesia

that has been collected by this application will not be sold to other companies.

Quench a little about UC Browser and it’s safe or not

To ensure user data is safe, UC Browser also mentions applying encryption to users’ technology and information.

Therefore the security made by this browser application has guaranteed security,

because they are very serious about protecting the privacy of users

and we comply with the regulations of the countries where we do business.

UC Browser is equipped with a VPN tool

It turns out that UC Browser is also equipped with facilities

that are not owned by the standard browser available on mobile, namely VPN.

With the VPN facility, people who want to open something that cannot be opened by a standard mobile browser,

by using the UB Browser application, everything can be opened.

Indeed, the alibaba mobile group application is very helpful and also very useful for someone who needs it.

Mozilla Firefox Aternatif Browser Dismartphone android

Mozilla Firefox Aternatif Browser Dismartphone android -If we have an Android OS-based smartphone,

certainly in this smartphone there is a subordinate browsing application so that cellphone users can search.

But usually the browsing application on an android smartphone is not very complete,

and not all the pages can be opened, such as gif, pdf or others.

But for those of you who like browsing applications to look for things that are important – important but do not make you upset,

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best solutions for you.

Because this application is an alternative browsing application for your Andrid’s cellphone,

due to its complete features and also many browsing applications that can be read with this Mozilla.

Mozilla Firefox Aternatif Browser Dismartphone android

Mozilla is a free and open source cross-platform web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and hundreds of volunteers,

and it was first released in 2004 with version 1.0.

And Firefox has also received good response from media such as Forbes and WLL Street Journal,

and within 12 days there have been up to 5 million downloads.

Among Firefox’s popular features are the built-in pop-up blocker,

and a development mechanism (extension) to add additional functionality.

Although these features have been available for some time in other web browsers such as Mozilla Suite and Opera,

Firefox is the first web browser to receive acceptance at this scale.

Many are gambling sites by browsing firefox

It turns out that a lot of Asian people who like this browsing application,

and most of them Mozilla is not only looking for things that can be, but they also open a trusted online gambling site.

Because by browsing this mozilla online gambling web opens quickly and easily,

so the users of this application become easier and more comfortable in running it.

Indeed mozilla browsing application is one of the best and fastest alternative browsing applications.

And one of the things that people open in Mozilla is a website – Online Poker Gambling game websites like on the website which often people open through Mozilla are encouraged in traffic

Browser Blocking for Android

Browser Blocking for Android – As you know many sites are now blocked from being accessible to Indonesian ip users. But the block is sometimes only based on the provider, browser, and of course, Indonesian ip. But indeed this should not be a concern because these sites can be opened if you use the third role of the software that is VPN.

And usually VPNs are used to open sites that are blocked by the Indonesian government. like online gambling games provided by Sbobet Agent is one of the things that is blocked by the government so that people use VPN to play

Browser Blocking for Android

The use of VPN is becoming more epidemic because without this software, the sites that you want to see cannot open quickly. However, finding a secure VPN is quite difficult, and most secure VPN is only paid VPN. But there is another way for you, namely by downloading one of the browsers below. The browser below is an anti-blocking browser and you can use it on Android.


This browser is an anti-blocking browser that you can get for free on your Android phone. Positive internet in Indonesia does not apply to the UPX browser because this browser feature can hide
the ip that you are using.


Proxynel browser is the fastest anti-blocking browser you can use on Android. With the proxynel browser application you can open blocked sites for free.

Arvin Browser

The Arvin browser still sounds familiar, but for those of you who want to access blocked sites, you can use this one browser. VPN is embedded in the Arvin browser so you don’t need to use VPN


The name of this browser may sound strange, but this one browser is one of the best anti-blocking browsers you can use. With this browser, you can block annoying ads, save downloaded files, and
other best sites.

Turbo VPN

Just like other browsers that have been embedded directly VPN so that it can hide the user’s IP. That way users can open many sites that have been blocked and don’t need to use the third role of


Perhaps this one browser is the most famous browser and has many users. The browser, which is famous for being efficient in memory storage and fast, is also one of the anti-blocking browsers
you can use.

Various Browsers You Can Use

Various Browsers You Can Use – Everyone knows what a browser is. The browser is a software that is used to explore various information on the internet.
All internet users can put various news information and various picture texts to be informed to many people who also want to know.

Do you know GOOGLE? Google is one of the most famous browsers around the world. With Google you can find out many things from news, information, articles, tips, pictures, maps and more. Not an application, but a tool for you to find various sites in the world. The needs you are looking for can be easily found with one click in the browser. Suppose you are looking for a shoe, by typing “shoes” in the google browser column, you will be given various recommendations for sites that sell shoes, pictures of shoes, even various articles about shoes.

Little inform, the browser that you can use is actually not just google alone. There are many kinds of browsers that you might not know about, namely:

Various Browsers You Can Use

Mozilla Firefox

Maybe you’ve heard of the Mozilla browser. This one browser has existed or been released since 2003. Before the bustle of Google, Mozilla had become one of the browsers that are commonly found on computers or laptops. At the beginning of its release, Mozilla broke 5 million downloads in less than 2 weeks.

Internet Explorer

Many people are mistaken with this one browser and Mozilla. There are some people who think they are the same. Internet Explorer is a free browser software from Microsoft. This browser has been a package in Microsoft since 1995. Although there are many new browser software, Internet Explorer can still be used until now without any problems at all.


Opera might not be able to pair with Google, and other browsers like Mozilla. The use of opera is still the same to surf the internet. But there are more opera users on mobile phones than computers.

In addition to the browser above there are still many other browsers that you can use, namely Safari, Lunascape, K-Meleon, Kylo, ​​Flork, and various other browsers.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of a Web Browser

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of a Web Browser – In general, most people would already know the usefulness of a web browser.
Web browser is a program on a computer to access various information or content on various sites with the help of the internet.
The browser has become an important application for humans. Many people have felt helped because it is easier to find the information they need through a browser.

Little information, there are many kinds of web browsers. And all of that has the same purpose.
But of all these web browsers there are advantages and disadvantages that maybe ordinary people do not see it, including :

web browser in addition to functioning as a tool or a medium in exploring the world of the internet, can also be used as a tool for those of you
who like betting  with the selection of the right browser then your play process will run smoothly and safely.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of a Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is not a new browser, from 2003 the browser has become one of the most widely used browsers in Windows. From the year of release the user continues to grow. There are several advantages to mozilla, namely:

– The level of security on the Mozilla browser is more reliable
– There is an enlarged text size feature
– Application size is only 4.7MB smaller than IE
and the usual weakness is that it often crashes with other applications on the computer, causing the computer to hang.

Google Chrome

Who does not know this one browser, a popular browser used throughout the world is enough to be the best for internet users. But still, there are advantages and disadvantages that must be discussed. The advantage of Google chrome is that the most superior tab in chrome will not cause crashes like other browsers.

Weaknesses on Google Chrome is the speed of access to Google Chrome is still somewhat slower than the Mozilla browser.


Opera is a web browser that is quite widely used by mobile users. The advantages contained in this one web browser is not large memory so that the use of lighter and faster. In addition, security is more guaranteed to ward off viruses from the internet, so that computer data is safe from theft and damage.

Weaknesses in the opera browser are:

– Errors often occur when saving pages
– The XML format cannot be accessed in the opera
– And there are some sites that can’t be opened in the opera because of format problems.


This browser you may rarely find because this Apple-made browser you will only find in apple products such as Mac, Ipod, and Iphone The advantage of this browser is that it looks elegant and rarely crashes or errors.

The drawback is that if there is a hang on the safari browser, you cannot restore because there is no such feature.

Lightweight browser for PC

Lightweight browser for PC – As you know the browser is an application or program that is very helpful for humans to find various information on the internet.
Many sites that contain information will not be easily found if there is no browser program.
Therefore, internet users and the public have felt the ease of this technological breakthrough.

Speaking of browsers, there are indeed many browsers that can be used on computers and also mobile phones.
But most browsers take up enough memory so that the use of a computer or cellphone will feel heavy.

Here we will inform some browsers that are light enough for your computer or cellphone.
That way slow computer problems will not happen to you.

You can also see the best browser for your Android or smartphone in the best android browser article

Lightweight browser for PC

Comodo Dragon

This one browser was launched since 2011 on Google Chrome’s basis. The design of the Comodo Dragon is more minimalist and the use of RAM is more efficient than Google Chrome. The browser security standard is arguably more than Google Chrome. Security in preventing malware infections can be said will not happen because the security system in the Comodo Dragon browser is more guarantee.


Vivaldi is a web browser that is included in the lightweight category for computers. This browser was made by the former CEO of the Opera browser. The use of this browser is guaranteed to be quite lightweight for a PC because the use of RAM is very economical. The Vivaldi browser is suitable for those of you who have low spec computers so they don’t experience lagging problems in the browser process.

Avant Browser

This one browser was created by a Chinese person named Anderson Che and has been developed by the company Avant. This browser has a fairly rapid development following the Opera browser. This browser is light enough for computers so that the process of page loading is certainly faster in this one browser.

Opera Browser

Maybe you already know this one browser. The Opera browser is the best browser with the use of RAM which is economical so it is light for PC or cellphone. And also opera browser guarantees the page is free of advertisements so the browser will run quickly.

Best browser for Android

Best browser for Android – Who doesn’t know browser usage? The browser has become one of the most useful applications on computers and sophisticated mobile phones.
With a browser application you can explore the world of internet that has a lot of information from the best browser ever.

Here we will inform some of the best browsers for Android phones that you can download:

Best browser for Android

Google Chrome

Google chrome is the most widely used browser in the community. Most android phones now have made this application as the default application.
Fitus on this one browser is very complete and very supportive for android. This browser is the best choice for anyone want to play gambling online
in because this is support your online gambling activities with speed and security while gambling on the internet online

CM browser

This one browser application is made from Cheetah mobile. The CM browser is a lightweight browser because it doesn’t take up large memory.
Access pages on this one browser is faster than other browsers.

Maxthron Browser

Maxthron is a browser that is included in the category of the best browser for mobile phones.
The features contained in this one browser are quite complete, the most superior is there is a feature to set your favorite website to be easily opened.


You certainly already know this one browser. Firefox has been one of the longest-running browsers on the internet.
Firefox is already well known to computer users, so there is no doubt about the use of browsers on Android.

Opera Mini

Opera opera mini browser is one of the lightest browsers for android which is already very popular among mobile users.
The process of web pages in the opera mini browser is faster because the page file is compressed up to 90% so that it is more quickly accessed.

Puffin Browser

This browser is a paid browser application on Android. The features contained in this browser are quite complete and you will not regret payment in this browser.
Starting from speed and security, this application is very trustworthy.

Brave Browser

This one application is one of the best browsers for Android. This browser is quite lightweight for Android because the use of RAM is not great.
In addition, there is an adblock feature that is useful to ensure you do not get advertisements on the browser that can interfere with browser usage.