Mozilla Firefox Aternatif Browser Dismartphone android

Mozilla Firefox Aternatif Browser Dismartphone android -If we have an Android OS-based smartphone,

certainly in this smartphone there is a subordinate browsing application so that cellphone users can search.

But usually the browsing application on an android smartphone is not very complete,

and not all the pages can be opened, such as gif, pdf or others.

But for those of you who like browsing applications to look for things that are important – important but do not make you upset,

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best solutions for you.

Because this application is an alternative browsing application for your Andrid’s cellphone,

due to its complete features and also many browsing applications that can be read with this Mozilla.

Mozilla Firefox Aternatif Browser Dismartphone android

Mozilla is a free and open source cross-platform web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and hundreds of volunteers,

and it was first released in 2004 with version 1.0.

And Firefox has also received good response from media such as Forbes and WLL Street Journal,

and within 12 days there have been up to 5 million downloads.

Among Firefox’s popular features are the built-in pop-up blocker,

and a development mechanism (extension) to add additional functionality.

Although these features have been available for some time in other web browsers such as Mozilla Suite and Opera,

Firefox is the first web browser to receive acceptance at this scale.

Many are gambling sites by browsing firefox

It turns out that a lot of Asian people who like this browsing application,

and most of them Mozilla is not only looking for things that can be, but they also open a trusted online gambling site.

Because by browsing this mozilla online gambling web opens quickly and easily,

so the users of this application become easier and more comfortable in running it.

Indeed mozilla browsing application is one of the best and fastest alternative browsing applications.

And one of the things that people open in Mozilla is a website – Online Poker Gambling game websites like on the website which often people open through Mozilla are encouraged in traffic