Quench a little about UC Browser and it’s safe or not

Quench a little about UC Browser and it’s safe or not –

for smartphone users it’s not cool if it doesn’t have a browser application other than the standard browser,

because usually the standard browser from the cell phone is set to not be able to open a particular website.

Therefore many cell phone users choose to download other browser applications,

and one of the browser applications that is often downloaded is UC Browser.

Uc Browser is a mobile browser made by UCWeb,

the browser of Alibaba Mobil Group now has 40 million active users.

UC Browser collects and stores data, in the form of user habits when surfing the internet and consuming content.

Most UC browsers store data in every user in their country, such as America, Australia, Singapore and others,

however UC Browser does not have an Indonesian data center.

A person named Shallia also ensures that user data in Indonesia

that has been collected by this application will not be sold to other companies.

Quench a little about UC Browser and it’s safe or not

To ensure user data is safe, UC Browser also mentions applying encryption to users’ technology and information.

Therefore the security made by this browser application has guaranteed security,

because they are very serious about protecting the privacy of users

and we comply with the regulations of the countries where we do business.

UC Browser is equipped with a VPN tool

It turns out that UC Browser is also equipped with facilities

that are not owned by the standard browser available on mobile, namely VPN.

With the VPN facility, people who want to open something that cannot be opened by a standard mobile browser,

by using the UB Browser application, everything can be opened.

Indeed, the alibaba mobile group application is very helpful and also very useful for someone who needs it.