Some Advantages And Disadvantages of Safari Browser

Some Advantages And Disadvantages of Safari Browser – The safari browser is one of the web browsers created by developers.
One of the most popular and very large IT companies, and also a rival of several other IT companies.
Initially, Safari is an identical browser that was created specifically for the operating system developed by Apple Inc.
Namely Mac Os and also iOS. But over time, the Safari Browser became very popular and eventually spread its wings to other operating systems.

This Apple-made browser is the 3rd best browser in terms of speed where safari is one of the browsers that are often used by users,
The browser is one of the software tools for accessing the internet, as a window for using the internet to get information globally.

Some Advantages And Disadvantages of Safari Browser

Because this is related to the development of computer networks that are increasingly spreading to remote parts of the country,
Automatic use of the internet is becoming a necessity and a manifestation of a better life for all people.
Below are some of the advantages of the Safari browser:

It has a Nitro Engine feature to process web-based applications faster

The first advantage possessed by Safari Browser, especially the newest version is NitroEengine.
As the name implies, the Nitro Engine feature in the Safari browser can help increase data processing speeds on web-based application systems.
One example of a web-based application is an application on a site created using the Java programming language from various existing programming languages.

It has a pretty attractive UI design

One of the characteristics of the product released by Apple Inc. is design.
Apple relies on quality and research on product design to be successful in the market.
Well, this Safari browser also has an attractive UI design.
User Interface that is owned by safari is quite simple and also easy to run, and has an attractive design.

For Mac OS Operating System users, there is no need to do the installation

For those of you who use a computer with a Mac OS operating system, and also a computer that is a product of Apple Inc.
Then you don’t need to bother downloading and also installing this Safari browser on your computer.
Safari has become the default browser of the Mac OS operating system, which will make it easier for you to do browsing and also surfing, with a very pleasant experience.

Lack of Safari browser

Below there are some disadvantages of the Safari browser.

Does not have a restore session feature

Although it has a myriad of features that are very numerous and makes the user very comfortable too lulled by its advantages,
But apparently this Safari Browser does not have a restore session feature.

There’s a bug called ‘Carpet Bombing’

IT companies and also large technology, does not mean that all the products they own are free of bugs and also technical errors.
One of the most talked about things, about bugs in Safari Browser is the bugs that can cause Carpet Bombing.

Browser Appearance for Users feels odd

Lack of this one is just a matter of habit from the user.
For those of you who are accustomed to using Windows products as well as Windows default browsers, or specifically developed for Windows,
The user will feel confused when first using this Safari Browser.
How do you leave another browser and switch to any browser but to the old browser?