Best browser for Android

Best browser for Android – Who doesn’t know browser usage? The browser has become one of the most useful applications on computers and sophisticated mobile phones.
With a browser application you can explore the world of internet that has a lot of information from the best browser ever.

Here we will inform some of the best browsers for Android phones that you can download:

Best browser for Android

Google Chrome

Google chrome is the most widely used browser in the community. Most android phones now have made this application as the default application.
Fitus on this one browser is very complete and very supportive for android. This browser is the best choice for anyone want to play gambling online
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CM browser

This one browser application is made from Cheetah mobile. The CM browser is a lightweight browser because it doesn’t take up large memory.
Access pages on this one browser is faster than other browsers.

Maxthron Browser

Maxthron is a browser that is included in the category of the best browser for mobile phones.
The features contained in this one browser are quite complete, the most superior is there is a feature to set your favorite website to be easily opened.


You certainly already know this one browser. Firefox has been one of the longest-running browsers on the internet.
Firefox is already well known to computer users, so there is no doubt about the use of browsers on Android.

Opera Mini

Opera opera mini browser is one of the lightest browsers for android which is already very popular among mobile users.
The process of web pages in the opera mini browser is faster because the page file is compressed up to 90% so that it is more quickly accessed.

Puffin Browser

This browser is a paid browser application on Android. The features contained in this browser are quite complete and you will not regret payment in this browser.
Starting from speed and security, this application is very trustworthy.

Brave Browser

This one application is one of the best browsers for Android. This browser is quite lightweight for Android because the use of RAM is not great.
In addition, there is an adblock feature that is useful to ensure you do not get advertisements on the browser that can interfere with browser usage.