Lightweight browser for PC

Lightweight browser for PC – As you know the browser is an application or program that is very helpful for humans to find various information on the internet.
Many sites that contain information will not be easily found if there is no browser program.
Therefore, internet users and the public have felt the ease of this technological breakthrough.

Speaking of browsers, there are indeed many browsers that can be used on computers and also mobile phones.
But most browsers take up enough memory so that the use of a computer or cellphone will feel heavy.

Here we will inform some browsers that are light enough for your computer or cellphone.
That way slow computer problems will not happen to you.

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Lightweight browser for PC

Comodo Dragon

This one browser was launched since 2011 on Google Chrome’s basis. The design of the Comodo Dragon is more minimalist and the use of RAM is more efficient than Google Chrome. The browser security standard is arguably more than Google Chrome. Security in preventing malware infections can be said will not happen because the security system in the Comodo Dragon browser is more guarantee.


Vivaldi is a web browser that is included in the lightweight category for computers. This browser was made by the former CEO of the Opera browser. The use of this browser is guaranteed to be quite lightweight for a PC because the use of RAM is very economical. The Vivaldi browser is suitable for those of you who have low spec computers so they don’t experience lagging problems in the browser process.

Avant Browser

This one browser was created by a Chinese person named Anderson Che and has been developed by the company Avant. This browser has a fairly rapid development following the Opera browser. This browser is light enough for computers so that the process of page loading is certainly faster in this one browser.

Opera Browser

Maybe you already know this one browser. The Opera browser is the best browser with the use of RAM which is economical so it is light for PC or cellphone. And also opera browser guarantees the page is free of advertisements so the browser will run quickly.