Various Browsers You Can Use

Various Browsers You Can Use – Everyone knows what a browser is. The browser is a software that is used to explore various information on the internet.
All internet users can put various news information and various picture texts to be informed to many people who also want to know.

Do you know GOOGLE? Google is one of the most famous browsers around the world. With Google you can find out many things from news, information, articles, tips, pictures, maps and more. Not an application, but a tool for you to find various sites in the world. The needs you are looking for can be easily found with one click in the browser. Suppose you are looking for a shoe, by typing “shoes” in the google browser column, you will be given various recommendations for sites that sell shoes, pictures of shoes, even various articles about shoes.

Little inform, the browser that you can use is actually not just google alone. There are many kinds of browsers that you might not know about, namely:

Various Browsers You Can Use

Mozilla Firefox

Maybe you’ve heard of the Mozilla browser. This one browser has existed or been released since 2003. Before the bustle of Google, Mozilla had become one of the browsers that are commonly found on computers or laptops. At the beginning of its release, Mozilla broke 5 million downloads in less than 2 weeks.

Internet Explorer

Many people are mistaken with this one browser and Mozilla. There are some people who think they are the same. Internet Explorer is a free browser software from Microsoft. This browser has been a package in Microsoft since 1995. Although there are many new browser software, Internet Explorer can still be used until now without any problems at all.


Opera might not be able to pair with Google, and other browsers like Mozilla. The use of opera is still the same to surf the internet. But there are more opera users on mobile phones than computers.

In addition to the browser above there are still many other browsers that you can use, namely Safari, Lunascape, K-Meleon, Kylo, ​​Flork, and various other browsers.