Some Advantages and Disadvantages of a Web Browser

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of a Web Browser – In general, most people would already know the usefulness of a web browser.
Web browser is a program on a computer to access various information or content on various sites with the help of the internet.
The browser has become an important application for humans. Many people have felt helped because it is easier to find the information they need through a browser.

Little information, there are many kinds of web browsers. And all of that has the same purpose.
But of all these web browsers there are advantages and disadvantages that maybe ordinary people do not see it, including :

web browser in addition to functioning as a tool or a medium in exploring the world of the internet, can also be used as a tool for those of you
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Some Advantages and Disadvantages of a Web Browser

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is not a new browser, from 2003 the browser has become one of the most widely used browsers in Windows. From the year of release the user continues to grow. There are several advantages to mozilla, namely:

– The level of security on the Mozilla browser is more reliable
– There is an enlarged text size feature
– Application size is only 4.7MB smaller than IE
and the usual weakness is that it often crashes with other applications on the computer, causing the computer to hang.

Google Chrome

Who does not know this one browser, a popular browser used throughout the world is enough to be the best for internet users. But still, there are advantages and disadvantages that must be discussed. The advantage of Google chrome is that the most superior tab in chrome will not cause crashes like other browsers.

Weaknesses on Google Chrome is the speed of access to Google Chrome is still somewhat slower than the Mozilla browser.


Opera is a web browser that is quite widely used by mobile users. The advantages contained in this one web browser is not large memory so that the use of lighter and faster. In addition, security is more guaranteed to ward off viruses from the internet, so that computer data is safe from theft and damage.

Weaknesses in the opera browser are:

– Errors often occur when saving pages
– The XML format cannot be accessed in the opera
– And there are some sites that can’t be opened in the opera because of format problems.


This browser you may rarely find because this Apple-made browser you will only find in apple products such as Mac, Ipod, and Iphone The advantage of this browser is that it looks elegant and rarely crashes or errors.

The drawback is that if there is a hang on the safari browser, you cannot restore because there is no such feature.